The Knights Templar Iceland. Welcome You

Welcome and thank you for visiting OSMTJ Iceland online. We hope that our website highlights the KNIGHT TEMPLAR fellowship in the modern order today. Please feel free to read more about our ORDER on this site.  Membership: As an ecumenical and chivalrous Order of Knighthood, membership is by invitation only and is an honour granted by the Grand Prior of your country. Nominations to the Order should not be solicited. Enquiries can be addressed to the General Secretary and or Seneschal

Our Mission

We believe that the door to salvation is always open. Our mission is to promote ecumenical Christian charitable and chivalrous behaviour to uphold civic virtues and pursue excellence in our daily lives,to protect human rights, to promote international peace and justice, to support the Christian presence in the Holy Land, to assist persons undertaking pilgrimages, to relieve human suffering, to maintain monuments and sites associated with the medieval order and to maintian archives and foster research into the history of the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The Modern Rule of Life

Our Order strives to build a Temple Holy and acceptable to God in your own heart.
Welcome God daily into our life and meditate upon his
teachings, care for our mind, body, and spirit to work happily with our fellow man/woman. To be chivalrous and fight against evil be ready to make sacrifices, to assist others in the common struggle and expect no personal rewards for your good deeds.